Monday, July 24, 2017

How to use your old CanoScan Lide 20 on Windows 10 64 bit

If you happen to have that old flatbed scanner,  Canoscan Lide 20, and intend to use it with windows 10 64 bit, you might find it difficult to get a working driver.
Well, there is a work around. Use VueScan, a scanning program that will automatically install your CanoScan driver. This software is developed by Hamrick.
It enable me to keep the functionality of my old Canoscan, which is no longer supported by Canon. You can program the Button on the scanner to meet your preference.
This software is stright forward, easy to understand user interface. It allow you to adjust various setting, it saves to pdf and tiff.
But the price is not cheap. More than a half price of the Scanner it self. I hope someone find this post useful. Thank you

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Playing Throne Rush on Your Advent Vega

This week throne rush has make me addicted. This war game is really has effect on my time management, I must warn you before you decide to play. Hehehe. The game play is like Stronghold or Warcraft or Battle realm or even the great Civilization. You start the game with a ruined castle along with minimal support for a village. How have to make your way to gain enough support to build an army. Buliding minery, windmill, barn and barrack. When you finally has your army. Try attacking real player to get morale, gems, and even ruines on some occasion. There is also a rarity fair which I think a genius addition to the game play, make it even more addictive to me.

Installing the latest update of MXPlayer: Movie play slowdown

I just updated the MXPlayer on my advent vega running JellyBean. The result is unexpected, because the movie play now really slow. You will not enjoy it anymore. Maybe because the update or something else. I've tried reinstall, same result.

Finally I get the older version is this player and the movie play is back to nice again.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Upgrade Your LG L5 E612 to Android JellyBean 4.1.2

I seldom use the phone software checker (Settings -> About Phone -> Software Update) to see if any firmware update are available from the server. I never thought there would be a major update for this phone. I realized about this update from web news I accidentally  read.
It says that LG L5 got a major firmware update from Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) to Jelly Bean (4.1.2).

If you want to do this upgrade, prepare the following:
1. LG PC Suite for LG L5 (just google it), update it to the latest version
2. A computer, USB data cable.

then do as follow:
1. Connect your LG L5 E612 phone to your PC/Laptop via USB.
2. if this is the first time you connect your phone, the phone will let you choose USB mode for this connection, choose PC suite mode. Also the PC may install the driver for the phone, it may take a few minutes, or restart the PC/Laptop once.

3. Lauch the PC suite, confirm that the phone is recognized by the suite, select menu, [Mobile Device]-> [Mobile Device software update], it will check the server for update. The jelly bean firmware will be named by V20E_00.kdz. Choose to download the upgrades (it's a big about 700MB file).
4. Do not disconnect you LG during the upgrades. Wait for the download to finish, LG PC suite will change your phone mode to download mode and upload the upgrades to your phone.
5. Once finish uploading, the phone will restart, optimizing application already installed and ...
you have android jelly bean on your phone.
You can now install google now, and say OK google to start search :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kiss the Vega Good Bye

Scanno, the nickname behind VegaBean, and Unofficial CM 10.1 for Vega has gave it up. You can kiss your dream about vega getting a 4.3 update from this folk, good bye.
As he mention in his post at tabletroms that he now has a new toy, a Nexus 10. He love the beauty of its HD display. His fellow developer and a few user express their gratitude for Scanno's long effort to make Vega stand confidently although it has been dated an old tablet.

Scanno bring the 4.2 to Vega even faster than Samsung bring a 4.2 update to SGS2. My sister has seen 4.2 in my Vega first, for she had to wait 4 month later to see 4.2 in her handset.

But, I still hope that Scanno or maybe someone still want to put some effort for this old tablet. At least, in working to make the VegaBean more faster and perfect. Fixing the bluetooh or Accelorometer support for this tablet. VegaCream is also a good memories for my Vega, I hope someone with skill can look at it, may be he/she can find something to improve or add new functionality.

Let's hope this beloved Vega not die anytime soon, I still enjoying it's company :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Setting VegaBean to WCDMA only using Elixir widget

My data plan is kind of weird, when I use 2G, edge or GPRS, it charge me extra cost. Look like I only pay for the 3G band.

For this reason, I've searched the www for a way to make "the VegaBean" connect only using 3G network. After hours of searching, i've found a number to dial:


this number will bring the dialog to choose what I need, WCDMA only network. But, it did not save the settings. After boot, the settings back to WCDMA prefered.

Search continued to find Elixir. It has a 4G widget, tapping this will bring the same interface when dial the above magic number. Aaand did not save it's settings too.

Still searching it a way to save the settings until now.

Every time before my Vegabean tablet turned off, I must remember to disconnecting it from network, but it's simple with the elixir widget.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Better Movie Play in VegaBean

This review based on my personal experience using the latest MX player with hw encoding enabled in Vegabean Beta6.

HD 720p play nicely
HD 1080p play nicely

compared to my experience with earlier custom ROM like honeyice, VegaICS, or Vegacream.

But, maybe it's the player, not the ROM. I don't have time to test this player againts the older ROM. What matter is the movie play nicely now.