Monday, August 6, 2012

Complete Guide: How to Install VegaCream

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich(ICS) is better than Froyo, Gingerbread, or Honeycomb isn’t it?

Well, you can take it to your tablet now, by installing VegaCream ROM.

This guide is for Advent Vega, PoV Mobii, Zyrex OnePad and other P10AN01 clone tablet user.

There are at least two ways installing this ROM, using nvflash method or ClockwordMod zip update file.

This guide will use the first method.

It took no more than five minutes to flash ROM to the tablet, given the entire ingredient ready.

First, you need to understand, that doing this could:
1. Damage your tablet.
2. Void your tablet warranty, so I have warned you.

What you need?
1. USB male to male cable
2. A PC running windows XP or later.
3. USB driver, get it here. To install it see this post
4. The VegaCream ROM

Flashing step:
1. Turn off your tablet
2. Connect your tablet to the PC using the USB cable
3. Connect your tablet to its charger
4. Put your tablet into nvflash mode: Press back button and hold it, press power button and release both. You should hear a notification sound from the PC speaker.
5. Run the VegaCream*.exe file, wait until the process done, the tablet will reboot itself then power off.
6. Done

You now have VegaCream, enjoy


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  2. thanks for the tutorial. one problem. point 3 what you need. where is the usb driver link? it isn't on the other page either

    1. thank you, it's has been updated with the link :)