Monday, August 6, 2012

VegaBean Progress to Beta 1

This has been a blast!
Scanno just take VegaBean to the next rank, Beta 1.

VegaBean now has a working hardware accelerated video support. No more problem with the portrait orientation as seen on the removed alpha 3 version. But, I am not sure if this has fully worked, because a recent report that, some games using portrait as it's default orientation has a problem running on the ROM. Other than that, BBC player, Youtube HD are working as it should.

Other peripheral that work are bluetooth and camera. 3G were said not working, but a member found that 3G is now working on internal 3G. There is a good chance  that GPS are working too.

Toggling the GPS off now would not bring the tablet to reboot, ejtagle has fix that. If the GPS working now we have one more major problem, the HDMI audio, but I am sure it would not stand time againts scanno, ejtagle, brucelee666 and the team.

You must give it a try, here is the link to the post
Jelly Bean for Advent Vega

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