Saturday, May 25, 2013

Setting VegaBean to WCDMA only using Elixir widget

My data plan is kind of weird, when I use 2G, edge or GPRS, it charge me extra cost. Look like I only pay for the 3G band.

For this reason, I've searched the www for a way to make "the VegaBean" connect only using 3G network. After hours of searching, i've found a number to dial:


this number will bring the dialog to choose what I need, WCDMA only network. But, it did not save the settings. After boot, the settings back to WCDMA prefered.

Search continued to find Elixir. It has a 4G widget, tapping this will bring the same interface when dial the above magic number. Aaand did not save it's settings too.

Still searching it a way to save the settings until now.

Every time before my Vegabean tablet turned off, I must remember to disconnecting it from network, but it's simple with the elixir widget.

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