Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kiss the Vega Good Bye

Scanno, the nickname behind VegaBean, and Unofficial CM 10.1 for Vega has gave it up. You can kiss your dream about vega getting a 4.3 update from this folk, good bye.
As he mention in his post at tabletroms that he now has a new toy, a Nexus 10. He love the beauty of its HD display. His fellow developer and a few user express their gratitude for Scanno's long effort to make Vega stand confidently although it has been dated an old tablet.

Scanno bring the 4.2 to Vega even faster than Samsung bring a 4.2 update to SGS2. My sister has seen 4.2 in my Vega first, for she had to wait 4 month later to see 4.2 in her handset.

But, I still hope that Scanno or maybe someone still want to put some effort for this old tablet. At least, in working to make the VegaBean more faster and perfect. Fixing the bluetooh or Accelorometer support for this tablet. VegaCream is also a good memories for my Vega, I hope someone with skill can look at it, may be he/she can find something to improve or add new functionality.

Let's hope this beloved Vega not die anytime soon, I still enjoying it's company :)

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